Phở 24

Phở 24

Authentic Delicious Taste

Our flagship product and Vietnam’s “comfort food”.  The authentic, delicious beef broth is slowly simmered with 100% beef shin bones for 8 hours. The flavorful and nutritious bone marrow combined with 24 special ingredients to create an aromatic and unforgettably taste. PHOTAI24® is always served steaming hot with premium tender beef slices and freshly made rice noodles, then topped with fresh vegetables. Served with a side dish of cool, crisp (what are these named), a lemon slice and chili, with sauce choices of chili, plum or hoisin sauce,  this is the essence of Vietnamese cuisine, all in a small, regular or large bowl.



110% Delicious!

• Secret combination of 24 ingredients

• 100% beef shin bones, rich in collagen

• 100% premium Australian beef

• 0% preservatives in our fresh noodles

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