About PHO24®

PHO24® first opened its doors for business in June 2003, on Nguyen Thiep Street in District 1, Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam.

PHO24® has a dream, to bring our family’s secret pho recipe, comprising 24 special ingredients, to the people of Vietnam, and one day, to the world. By serving Vietnam’s national dish in clean, modern and comfortable environments, we are earning love from our guests everyday.

So why do we believe the world needs pho? Well, we believe the fast paced world needs balance. We believe food served fast can be good quality and delicious. We believe in making quality food affordable for more people. We believe in authentic experiences. We believe in sharing the joy of deliciously authentic Vietnamese pho with the world.

What Makes Our Pho So Delicious?

Cooked slow, served fast. More time to enjoy!

Following a secret family recipe handed down through the generations, our pho follows the time honored traditions of slow cooking.

For our signature beef pho, we start with 100% real beef shin bones (not buffalo, not pork), which are carefully simmered for 8 hours to extract the mouth-watering savory goodness, and nutrient packed benefits, of rich bone marrow. During the cooking process we gradually add spices, herbs, briskets of beef, vegetables…all the 24 special ingredients that make up our secret family recipe!

Every day we hand-make our rice noodles with zero preservatives and prepare our crisp vegetable garnishes. Our goal is to guarantee our guests the freshest taste and food safety.

Pho tastes best when served steaming hot, which is why we serve it quick! We want our guests to enjoy their authentic Vietnamese pho at its peak moment of deliciousness!

The Origins of Pho

Pho, pronounced “fuh”, is Vietnam’s national dish. Steeped in tradition, heritage and everyday life, pho is surprisingly younger than most people think.

The history of pho began near Ha Noi, northern Vietnam, in the late 1880’s, during the time of French occupation. One theory suggests the name “pho” comes from the French’s “pot au feu” (pot of fire), signifying the long hours required to create the rich, nutritious, beef bone broth.

Pho slowly made its way down the length of the country, as northern families travelled with their cherished recipes and introduced pho to the southern Vietnamese. The people of the south added in more spices, herbs, vegetables and garnishes. They were also liberal with the use of fish sauce and bean sauce to flavor their phocreating a distinctive southern pho taste.

Pho soon became the everyday food for Vietnamese everywhere. Everyone in Vietnam grows up eating their mother’s pho.  Pho is the nation’s comfort food.  It represents family connection.  It is part of each person’s soul and sense of identity.  Pho symbolizes motherly love, home, the streets you grew up in. It is warm, humble and comforting – the same characteristics of Vietnamese people.  Pho is Vietnamese soul food.

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